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Republicans Must Refuse Bailout Money

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By Ben Cohen

A movement is gathering in the blogosphere that is challenging the Republicans who voted against the stimulus package to refuse the money for their state. Opposing the bill on ideological grounds, Republicans have stated their fear that Obama is bringing socialism to America and an irreversible expansion of government.

Republicans who accept the money should no longer be taken seriously as the hypocrisy would be ridiculously obvious (not that many people take them seriously anyway), and it would expose how completely fraudulent their 'values' were in the first place.

The fact is that Republicans don't oppose socialism - they just believe it exists for the banking system, the military, and the ultra rich. When tax money starts getting spent on education, infrastructure and poor people, Republicans hop up and down screaming 'socialism!!' until the Democrats strip it down to something palatable (ie. something that doesn't work).

We've now come to the point where every sane person understands that having millions of extra poor people without jobs hurts everyone, even the rich who are usually insulated from the ravages of laissez faire capitalism. These people need houses, and they need jobs. When there is no private capital around to invest in jobs, the government must step in to take its place. Stimulus packages work if they are big enough, and properly allocated. This is the history of 'capitalism', an inconvenient fact Republicans like to ignore.

Most giant corporations have been bailed out somewhere down the line, and the only people who oppose it are those strange libertarian types who genuinely believe that the free market works. Most Republicans understand the reality (free market poster child Ronald Reagan provided massive subsidies for uncompetitive sections of the economy during his tenure - the biggest in post war history), and only oppose it when black people and poor people are involved.

It is utterly transparent, and therefore not commented on in the mainstream media, and Republicans have been getting away with it for years. So now is the time to test their true beliefs, and see whether they reject the evil socialist money coming from the dark empire of Obama land. Chances are, they won't.