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Michelle Malkin's Blog Of Hate: Your Foreclosure is Not My Problem

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Michelle Malkin Ate My Baby! by Random Factor.

By Ben Cohen

In Michelle Malkin's latest blog post, she attempts to tie Obama to ACORN and takes Republicans to task for supporting the government's plans to stop people losing their homes. ACORN is organizing an anti foreclosure campaign (a good thing if you ask me, but deeply offensive to heartless hacks like Malkin), so is apparently a subsidiary of the Obama administration, and Republicans concerned about people being homeless are sellouts. She writes:

I’ve been


the Republicans for playing right into the left-wing agenda. The

Beltway GOP is just as guilty as the Democrats for perpetuating the

idea that

your mortgage is my problem

and that it government’s job to

stem falling housing values


Malkin's solution to all of this is to allow the market to do its job given its ultimate moral purity, and just allow people to live on streets and starve. It's amazing how conservatives still believe their views on economics are still relevant. Malkin is at least consistent in her religious adherence to markets, but clearly has no understanding of economic history. The fact is, Malkin is becoming increasingly irrelevant in public debate, so she just screams louder. Too bad less and less people are listening.

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