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Serious Health Care Reform Around the Corner?

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By Ben Cohen

In an interview with The Real News, Roger Hickey of Campaign for America's future says that health care reform is possible, but only within what is politically feasible. Hickey basically says that the insurance system should remain, but that government should provide a plan for everyone (comparable to medicaid and medicare). Hickey's plan is very similar to that of Obama, so there is a good chance it could happen.

I still don't see why insurance should have anything to do with public health care, but I understand Hickey's point. Once the public sees that a government plan is more comprehensive and cheaper than a private plan, then people will move on mass towards public insurance. Once everyone buys in, it may be possible to use the money to build more public hospitals and provide free health care at the point of access. The private insurance companies  will have a fit about this and do everything to convince everyone that government is trying to take away choice (ironic given they would actually be providing people with more choice). Hickey's organization aims to fight this and help Obama move his health care plan along this year. Let's hope it works given health care costs are one of the major factors in bankruptcy.

Check out the interview below: