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Sidney Reminds Us Why He Lost The Election To The Tune Of 10 Million Votes

Here's John Sidney McCain, again playing backseat driver to President Obama:
[flv:/files/jsm1.flv 320 240]
Yes, Sidney reminds us that his economic brain was failed CEO Carly Fiorina, so awesome was she that she nearly destroyed HP and she was so great on the campaign trail for McCain they had to send her off to Siberia before she dumped more water onto their already sinking Titanic.

John McCain, that great evaluator of talent who chose Sarah Palin, one of the dumbest people ever elected to office (it's a horserace between her and Dubya) as his running mate.

Why can't Sidney go to work cheating on his second wife rather than carping about what he would have done had over 10 million Americans not rejected his butt?