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Charles Krauthammer: America Created 'Small Miracle' in Iraq

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By Ben Cohen

The official death toll in Iraq is now estimated to be around 100,000 people thus far. The actual death toll is likely much, much higher (the respected medical journal Lancet believes over a million have died as a consequence of the U.S invasion). The humanitarian effect of the war is probably unquantifiable and most certainly unimaginable - families ripped apart, schools, hospitals and roads blown to bits, the economy in tatters, and tragically, the enormous damage done to Iraq's cultural artifacts.

That is why it is so monstrously offensive when chicken hawk war mongers like Charles Krauthammer say things like, "Despite Obama's opposition, America went on to create a small miracle in the heart of the Arab Middle East."

Krauthammer was referring to the recent elections in Iraq, and of course, claiming American responsibility for the success (as Naomi Klein has documented, the U.S and U.K did just about everything to prevent true democracy after the invasion).

Krauthammer is so removed from reality, he still believes America can 'win' in Iraq and spread democracy throughout the Middle East - a notion even many hardened neo cons have finally abandoned. As I've said before, Krauthammer's offensive comments may not be an indication of his character, but more of his intellect. The man is clearly an idiot