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America Vs. Rush

Rush Limbaugh attacked Rep. Nick Thompson (a Republican) for helping out Henrietta Hughes, the homeless woman who spoke to President Obama at the town hall meeting in Ft. Myers, FL. Rep. Thompson seems to be one of the few Republicans out there with a spine to speak up to Limbaugh.

'There is nothing more American or Christian or freedom-loving than someone of their own volition using the resources they have to help someone, and not going through some government program or using tax dollars,’’ Thompson told Buzz. 'Whether Republican or Democrat, the more people do small things like just helping your neighbor the better off we’d be.'

If the rest of the GOP had some of the guts Rep. Thompson seems to have, rather than making Limbaugh their de-facto leader, they might not be in such dire straits as a party.

So, keep listening to him, jackasses.