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Let the Sky Fall

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By David Glenn Cox

the sky fall, let the sun crash and commence with the days of iron
rain. Let the blood of the guilty and the tears of the innocent mix and
intermingle in the sewers of greed. There is no bipartisanship in
Washington; there is only buy partisanship. The President, still in his
first month in office, has had dinner with Republican pundits. He has
gone to Capitol Hill to meet with both House and Senate Republicans.

has supported a stimulus bill that he has openly admitted to being less
than perfect. House and Senate Republicans complained that the bill was
written by the Democrats and that their suggestions were ignored; that
President Obama met with them but didn’t hear them. Also that the
stimulus bill is filled with pork. Three Republican senators crossed
over to vote with the Democrats. One, Arlen Specter, is already being
attacked on right wing radio and the others soon will be.

Geithner proposed a new banking rescue package before Congress and took
questions. Wall Street, for its part, threw a tantrum. They didn’t like
the plan; it isn’t the plan that they wanted. They gleefully accepted a
three-page memorandum for the TARP bailout plan from Mr. Geithner’s
predecessor, Hank Paulson, because it promised a free ride. The banks
would get the money, no strings attached, and the Federal Reserve would
lower interest rates to near zero to allow the banks to charge 26%
interest on credit cards and still earn a 25% profit.

Republicans didn’t like the Geithner plan; Wall Street didn’t like the
Geithner plan. The financial news network, CNBC, didn’t like the
Geithner plan; Michelle Caruso-Cabrera was livid, shouting to be heard,
“I don’t believe in this!” Ms. Cabrera is the Cruella de Vil of the
CNBC studio, who once described the Europeans as people who live in
tiny houses and smell bad.

Cabrera was obviously angry,
shouting, “Where are the details? I thought the administration was in a
hurry on this!” In Geithner’s defense, it took God seven days to create
the heavens and the universe, and Geithner has only been on the job
twelve days due to Republican foot dragging on his confirmation. I
hardly think that Geithner's powers rival those of God! On the other
hand, God didn’t have any Republicans to hinder him in his plans. If he
had there is no telling if the heavens and the universe would have ever
been completed. They might have filibustered the Heavens and Universe
Amendment arguing, “Why do we need both?”

God would have said,
“Let there be light,” and the Republicans would have maintained that
God only wanted that light so he could pass it along as part of his
big-bang spending package. What’s this light going to cost us? The
Republicans would argue, “The Congressional Budget Office foresees the
program expanding without limits, and who is going to pay for it?” You
see, that is why he is God and Geithner is just the Treasury Secretary.
God had no opposition, he ignited the big bang and let the chips fall
where they may. Perhaps with a few committee meetings we'd have monkeys
that don't throw poop and dogs that would make better choices of whom
to call their best friends. A parliamentary discussion might have
stripped humans from the final bill altogether, or at the very least,

Twelve days in and Cabrera is screaming, “How can
we believe him?" (Geithner). But a better question is, how can anyone
believe CNBC? A low-definition monotone of buy, buy, buy, all bad news
is explained as a good reason to buy stocks and all good news is
explained as proof that it’s time to buy stocks! For a year I have
listened to CNBC pundits tell me the sub prime mortgage crisis will be
contained. Then they said that the world would decouple from the US
economy. And that twelve thousand was the floor, then ten, then nine;
as late as last week one of their pseudo experts predicted the markets
to rise two thousand points in the next few months.

soul sister, Erin “Black Widow” Burnett, once asked, “It’s a little
lead paint on toys, what’s the big deal?” Dennis “human dildo” Kneale
is a machine, spouting predictable corporate pabulum on a daily basis,
calling on union auto workers to accept pay cuts because “they are
lucky to keep their jobs.” Yet, within 24 hrs, he described
restrictions on executive pay as "punitive.”

They are like the
guys that hang out in front of dog and horse tracks, selling tips
sheets. They are experts at telling you how to spend your money, but
they have no intention of going in themselves. They are the voice and
the face of corporate propaganda, their programs are sponsored by banks
and brokerage houses and no one bothers to even whisper, "conflict of
interest." Geithner is called a tax cheat while Bernie Madoff is still
referred to as a suspect, even after having confessed to the crime.

News, Fox Business, CNBC, Rush and the whole bunch of them spout the
same complaints on cue. Cabrera hollers like a woman scorned, with
outrage and fury, but it’s all just a canard. Geithner can’t give all
the details because he doesn’t have them. What would FDR have answered
on December 8th when he declared war on Japan if Republicans had asked,
“How are you going to win this war? What are all the details that will
bring us to Tokyo Bay?” Geithner laid out the outline of a plan, a plan
subject to the whims of Congress. The whims of Congress that would then
change all of the figures, which Cabrera was screaming for, and once
that happened Cabrera would cry out in righteous indignation, “I knew
he was lying!”

Rush Limbaugh is their biggest, brightest star.
He also has the biggest mouth and shoots from the hip through his lips.
When Rush said that he wanted to see Obama fail, he meant it. Maybe it
was just a Freudian slip, but rest assured he meant it. And the cohorts
on CNBC and Fox all shouted hallelujah, amen, testify brother! This
party that calls itself Republican has, over its history, been involved
with many coup plots against the lawful government of the United States.

has participated in criminal activity such as break ins and wire
tapping; it has endorsed torture and attempted to make legal the
stripping of American citizenship. Less than a decade ago this party
argued against its own long-held position of state sovereignty in order
to get their candidate declared President by a Supreme Court that had
two judges with family members working on the Republican candidate’s
staff. Then just to bury the body good and deep, the Supreme Court
added to their decision, “Just this once.”

Paula Jones, after
her case was settled, was suddenly offered $50,000 for a nose job by a
poor soul who just felt sorry for her. This in addition to the $850,000
she received in the settlement. After first being represented by
Washington attorneys Gilbert Davis and Joseph Cammarata, her case was
then taken on by a conservative legal organization, the Rutherford
Institute. The Bush administration, in the name of compassionate
conservatism, did more to limit American freedoms than any other
administration including Lincoln’s, which was fighting a civil war.

us wipe the stars from our eyes. These Republicans are not going to
cooperate, not now, not ever. They will use every tool at their
disposal to subvert, obstruct, divert, and defame because, in the words
of their hero, they want to see Obama fail. If you or a few million
other Americans suffer, well, they just don’t care. Why should they?
They never cared before; they’re the party of self, self-righteous and
self-aggrandizing. They accept their wealth as a God-given prerogative
to rule over the unwashed multitudes. Even now they preach if we don’t
do anything the economy will fix itself in a year or two. We just have
to take our medicine, but what they mean is you have to take their
medicine and that’s just too bad for you.

The have proven by
their behavior that they are not a party of democratic principles but a
party of semi-compassionate fascism. They will cede no ground because
of an election, or a wave of public sentiment. They will do whatever
they deem necessary to bring down this administration, even let the sky

So, let the sky fall, let the sun crash and commence
with the days of iron rain. Let the blood of the guilty and the tears
of the innocent mix and intermingle in the sewers of greed. They seek
the truth through gold, eternal life through eternal wealth, and the
gospel of freedom through the cleansing of the iron rain. They see men
as tools and tools as men; Heaven and Hell being all in one place, at
their discretion alone. The war has begun, the blood will flow into the
crop circles of the damned, and in the puddles of the iron rain.