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Obama Delivers Withering Put Down of Republican Economics

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By Ben Cohen

It looks like Obama's nice guy act is coming to an end. After reaching out to Republicans during the first few days of his Presidency, he was met with derision for his stimulus plan and attacks for trying to turn America 'socialist'. John McCain had the temerity to propose his own stimulus bill, and Lindsey Graham gave a bizarre speech criticizing Obama for not working hard enough on the crisis (he has spent virtually every waking hour on the economy). Obama has absorbed the blows much like he weathered the Clinton attacks during the primary, and the McCain putdowns in the general election. He remained calm, brushed aside criticism that he wasn't responding, then sprung back with a devastating counter attack.

Obama delivered a stinging rebuke to Republicans putting forward their own proposals, pointing out that their economic philosophy caused the crisis in the first place, and calling on them to put aside politics for the benfit of the nation. Check out his speech at the U.S Department of Energy: