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Howard Dean For Health Secretary?

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By Ben Cohen

A native of Vermont, Chip Fleischer explains why his former Governor would make a very good Health and Human Services Secretary:

The position of HHS secretary would play to Dean’s proven strengths—his

medical training and his ability to work within budgets, to name just

two. And no one could bring more passion to the job. To my mind, an old

congressional hand, a Washington insider—another nominee like Tom

Daschle—who knows how to wheedle and stroke egos and trade this for

that in order to make things happen the old-fashioned way would not

achieve meaningful reform on health care. There are just too many

entrenched interests, and Washington insiders are congenitally

incapable of making things happen with so many well-connected players

trying to affect the game’s outcome. If people think insurance company

paper pushers are doing more harm than good as they take

decision-making powers out of doctors’ hands, imagine the damage that

could result from an effort led by a career politician with no

understanding of the dynamics at play in our health care system, let

alone the human organism. After so many years of fruitless rhetoric by

politicians, why not let a medical doctor with proven success as a

political operative and a record for plain talk and common sense have a