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Michelle Malkin's Blog Of Hate: Obama 'Using Politics of Fear'

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By Ben Cohen

Michelle Malkin is at it again, claiming black is white, blue is yellow, and Obama is a closet communist/America hater. In her latest rant, Malkin accuses Obama of using the politics of fear in trying to pass his stimulus bill:

President Obama is


the stimulus battle. Fiscal conservatives are winning the message war

on the Generational Theft Act of 2009. Flailing and desperate, he has

resorted to the very “politics of fear” he ran


during the campaign. In a WaPo op-ed this morning, he invokes Chicken Little tactics to


Washington into ramming his massive, ineffective, debt-stimulating plan through Congress.

This is the age old tactic of accusing your enemy of exactly the same thing you are guilty of (like calling those who criticised Sarah Palin 'sexist', and Karl Rove accusing the Democrats of 'partisan politics'). While Malkin was all too happy to hype the none existent threat from Iraq, the threat of a genuine financial meltdown does not seem to bother her too much. For Malkin and her conservative chums, tax cuts, tax cuts and more tax cuts are the key to the problem, despite the annoying fact that they haven't worked at all. Obama's warnings are correct, and while his stimulus bill isn't exactly great (but not for the reasons Malkin thinks so), it is a necessary step in order to prevent the economy from falling off a cliff.