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Tom Daschle: The Insurance Companies Trojan Horse

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By Ben Cohen

Not only has Tom Daschle failed to pay his taxes properly (a rather alarming trait in Obama's new administration), but it has now emerged that Daschle was paid $195,000 for speeches he gave to health care groups. Most shockingly:

America's Health Insurance Plans

(AHIP), the lobby group that represents the health insurance industry,

paid Daschle $20,000 each for two speeches presented Feb. 1, 2007, and

Sept. 22, 2008.

It is now clear Daschle won't reform health care any more than Dick Cheney would reform the oil industry. If you make your money from the industry that you are supposed to regulate, the chances are you'll give them free reign in return for future reward. We have seen the fruits of this logic in the financial sector, and it wasn't pretty.

Daschle is essentially a corporate shill who does not believe government should run healthcare. The U.S has just about the worst system in the Western world, and one would have thought private care had run its course. But with Daschle at the helm, we can unfortunately expect more of the same.