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Worst Soon To Be Ex-President Ever, Says America

America delivers the final kick in the butt to George W. Bush.

When asked about Mr. Bush’s performance over the last eight years, 22 percent of respondents said they approved. That matched Mr. Bush’s job-approval rating for much of last fall, the lowest of his presidency. In the current poll, 73 percent disapproved of his performance over the course of his two terms.

Disapproval cut across party lines, with Democrats, independents and even 34 percent of Republicans critical of Mr. Bush’s performance.

In contrast, Mr. Bush’s most recent predecessors left office with approval ratings ranging from 68 percent, for both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, to 44 percent, for Jimmy Carter. Mr. Bush’s father left with 54 percent.

When asked to assess Mr. Bush’s presidency more precisely, just 17 percent of those surveyed rated it very good or good, while 83 percent said it had been average or poor. Fifty-nine percent of Americans regarded Mr. Clinton’s presidency as very good or good when he left office, and 40 percent viewed the presidency of the elder Mr. Bush the same way.

First winger to bring back the election season argument that the poll couldn't possibly be right because the pollster is in a blue state gets a No-Prize.

Archie Bunker was wrong. We did see a man like Herbert Hoover again.

UPDATE: That was quick. Pravda Fox News is now reporting that Bush inherited the 9/11 attacks. A month from now we'll learn that Katrina and the economic collapse were also handed from Clinton to Bush.