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Tuesday In Jamaica

I thought this story about the inauguration, as witnessed from Jamaica, was worth noting.

Half-Way Tree, the busy St Andrew capital, was transformed into a theatre yesterday as scores of pedestrians stopped to watch the inauguration ceremony for Barack Obama.

Under the scorching sun, the exuberant crowd watched with pride from a television screen erected at the bus stop at Mandela Park, across from the Jamaica National building and the transportation centre.

When Obama took the oath of office and was named president, screams and shouts echoed on the the busy Constant Spring Road.

"Obama to the worl', yes! Wow! How yuh mean," were some of the exclamations from spectators. A few men took off their hats and waved them, while others captured the moment by taking photographs.

"This is a significant moment and I could not miss it. I was on my way to the store but I had to stop," Althea Chin told The Gleaner.

Carlton Brown journeyed from his home in downtown Kingston to 'Wembley' - the term he used to refer to the area in which the big screen was erected.

Wearing a T-shirt bearing the image of Obama, Brown said he could not miss the significant event.

"History has been made. We now have a black man in the White House," he said.