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Oh Memories

Republican response to the Democratic president's budget proposal.

Now, Republicans and some Democrats in Congress heard the message you sent us last November. You wanted us to cut spending first -- and we had a plan to do just that. It was a good plan. We tried to eliminate the President's requested tax increases. We tried to make real cuts in Government spending. But, unfortunately, the President and the liberal Democrats in Congress defeated all of these proposals.

The third question you should ask is, does the President's plan help put Americans back to work? And the answer is, no -- N.O. -- No.

That was the Republican response... in 1993. The bill later passed without any Republican support, just like how President Obama's economic stimulus passed without Republican support in the House (my guess is a few Senate Republicans might peel off, though we've got the votes for passage anyhow).

Under President Clinton we had one of the largest and longest peacetime expansions of the U.S. economy in history. So, theres that precedent.

I don't have a crystal ball to say where the economy will be, though I think under President Obama's leadership we'll find our way out of the hole dug by the previous occupant, but one thing I know for sure is that the right is peddling the same bull they're always peddling.