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Nearly In The News

Apparently hit by the economic crisis and the general malaise of the media industry, AP feels the need to write up news stories about things almost happening.

Paul nearly has quadruple-double; Spurs top Lakers

Turning a point guard showdown with Jason Kidd into a rout, Paul nearly had a quadruple-double in New Orleans' 104-97 victory over Dallas on Wednesday night, finishing with 33 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds and seven steals.

Chris Paul clearly had a good night, but I just think its odd how AP decided to highlight what he didn't do. But he almost did. I forgot to mention that the AP has been following me around, and here are some of the headlines coming up:

* Oliver Willis Nearly Makes Six Figures, Just Off By A Factor Of 10
* Oliver Willis Nearly Beds Jessica Alba And Sarah Chalke, Needs To Meet Them First
* Oliver Willis Nearly Quarterbacks Team To Superbowl, Will First Master Madden '09 On All-Pro Difficulty