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Krypton Gets Race

I haven't purchased the New Krypton story in Superman yet (I'll probably just buy the trade if DC gets it out in a timely manner) but apparently they're showing that Krypton wasn't just for white guys.

For the character's first 30 years, Superman’s homeworld of Krypton was all-white. It was only in 1971 —33 years after Superman's debut in 1938 — that the first non-white Kryptonian was seen. A few months later, the idea of non-white Kryptonians was expanded upon.

‘In issue #239, a two-page map showed that Kryptonians of color had an island all to themselves, which is pretty embarrassing,’ says Mark Waid, Boom! Studios Editor-in-Chief, occasional DC Comics writer, and pretty much expert in all things Superman.

What's interesting is that silver age Superman learned the Kryptonian martial art of Kluklor as a child with his father, so you would think there was some asian influence. And yes, I pull that kluklor line to impress the ladies all the time.