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Joe The Plumber To Become War Journalist

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By Ben Cohen

Samuel Wurzelbacher, also known as "Joe the Plumber" during the 2008 presidential campaign, will apparently become a war correspondent in Israel for the conservative website

Whether this damages his credibility as an American everyman remains to be seen, but it's unlikely Wurzelbacher will be giving a fair analysis of the crisis given his extremely one sided views about Israel (Wurzelbacher once proclaimed that a vote for Obama was a vote for 'the death of Israel').

Wurzelbacher also told Fox News via phone that "you don't want my opinion on foreign policy. I know just enough about foreign policy to probably be dangerous."

Above all, this is a brilliant move for pjtv (who help promote people like Michelle Malkin), as it gives them massive publicity and no credibility - the exact same formula that made Fox News popular.