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Is Moe Lane Of Stupid?

In this entry he links to Judicial Watch's list of what they call the "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" in Washington. Lane says:

There are far too many Democrats on that list for the netroots’ liking, and the comments on them are far too disapproving - which is to say, there are Democrats on that list, and the group’s commentary is disapproving. Surely Judicial Watch understands that their only purpose in life is to get Democrats elected?

What is he talking about? Judicial Watch is a long-time conservative organization. Their biggest moment was during the Clinton years when they filed tons of useless lawsuits versus President Clinton.

Now, my guess here is that Moe Lane stupidly thought he was writing about Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) which is a progressive-leaning group. It's a pretty dumb mistake to make. I should point out that CREW on their home page currently is (rightly) targeting Democrat Charlie Rangel for misusing campaign funds.

But again, this whole thing demonstrates again the rigorous attention to detail symptomatic of the last 8 years of conservative rule. I'm glad the future of the right is apparently in the hands of and their ilk.