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Apple Macworld Keynote: Chill My Babies

As I've noted the last couple years my life has become pretty Mac-centric, both at work and at home, but while I am much more fond of Apple products than I used to be I still don't get the emotional rollercoaster their biggest fans put themselves on (I mean, people should experience emotional ups and downs with sports teams not technology manufacturers). The latest is whining that the products announced on Tuesday at Macworld didn't change the world.

The problem is Jobs & Co. have had some really interesting work in the last decade, but their fans expect for Moses to part the waters every time. Why can't they just be happy with some cool stuff every couple of years?

It's also kind of interesting that the biggest product category in the last year, netbooks, didn't come from Apple (though they'll likely do it better and for 2x the price).