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SNL: Aladdin 10 Years Later, Doogie Howser Theme

As of late, Saturday Night Live has about 20 misses for every hit. The skits just aren't funny. And since the election they haven't done a sketch with Obama. I think they finally get how bad Fred Armissen's been. One of the show's biggest stumbling blocks is how lilly white it is. That's part of why they haven't been able to cast an Obama or Michelle Obama. Can they really go through the next 4-8 years without parodying the president? I don't think so. Last night was even more evidence in favor of SNL opening itself to more races, as the selection of Rosario Dawson (swoon!) allowed them to feature a more diverse selection of skits (still mostly not funny, however)

Here are a few funny ones, however.

Aladdin 10 Years Later

Doogie Howser Theme had to have made those of us who grew up in the early 1990s laughing our asses off. Doooooog!

And La Policia Mexicana was just "heh I remember Spanish class" funny but Rosario Dawson was easily a 10 in it.