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GOP Plays Copy Cat

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Michael Steele Elected RNC Chairman(TIME) by MashGet.



By Ben Cohen

The recent election of African American Michael Steele to chair the RNC shows just how desperate the Republican party is. Steele is not an impressive candidate - uncharismatic, pedantic, and not particularly bright. He is however, black, and the GOP is clearly banking on his color to counter Barack Obama. The move is in itself, deeply racist, in the same way that the choice of Sarah Palin was overtly sexist.

Obama did not win the Presidency because of his of color, he won because he was by far and away the best man for the job. He was twice as good as the front runners for the Democratic ticket, and he won through his extraordinary intelligence and guile.

Steele is a puppet, a front man for the outdated policies of the GOP the same way Palin was a fraudulent candidate promoted for image rather than substance.

Steele is man of accomplishment with some centrist position on some select issues, but in reality, his politics offer little in the way of change. He is a pro business, anti goverment conservative who most famously authored the chant 'Drill baby, drill!'. By choosing Steele to chair the GNC, the Republican party is not commiting to real change - just an image transformation in order to ram the inhuman neo-liberal policies it has perpetrated on the American people for the past 30 years. It is a sad spectacle, and so very transparent.