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Tony Blair on Iraq Disaster: "I Feel a Great Sense of Responsibility For it"

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By Ben Cohen

Tony Blair reflects on the war he helped promote that has cost over a million lives - 178 of them British:

"I reflect on it, and am troubled by it, and feel a great sense of responsibility for it."

"The most difficult thing in any set of circumstances
is the sense of responsibility for people who have given their lives
and fallen - the soldiers and the civilians.

"If I did not feel that, there really would be something wrong with
me, and there is not a single day of my life when I do not reflect upon
it... many times. And that's as it should be.

"On the other hand, you have to take the decision and I look at the Middle East
now and I think, well, if Saddam and his two sons were still running
Iraq how many other people would have died and would the region be more

If we use Blair's logic, if he had been assassinated in 1996 (the year before he became prime minister), a million Iraqis would still be alive today (and no, I'm not advocating killing Tony Blair). That's why we have international law - to prevent this type of idiotic reasoning.