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Banter on The Banter - Bill Kristol's Idiocy

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By Ben Cohen

David Glenn Cox comments on Bill Kristol's assertion that "the Democrats are the party of heredity":

unlike the bizarre clip I saw of Bill O’Reilly and his snarling and
submissive assistant Glen Beck making the same assertion. That Kennedy
dropping out of the race was proof enough of some thing heinous in her
closet. That if this had been Sarah Plain that the media would have
been all over her. Beck pipes in; “Do you hear that America? The media
is protecting her because she is a Kennedy.”

Except that Kennedy was a candidate for office not an employee and
dropped out precisely because the media wouldn’t have protected her.
She did poorly in interviews to the point where it became doubtful that
Governor Patterson would have appointed her in the first place.

But these lap dogs of the right have to eat, so they set up a straw man (or woman) just to knock it down.