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Berlusconi Turns The Gaffe Meter Up To 11

The ultimate beneficiary of this stupidity is ultimately Vice President Biden, who whenever he puts his foot in his mouth can immediately point out that it's not nearly as bad as Silvio Berlusconi

Premier Silvio Berlusconi sparked outrage Sunday for suggesting that Italy's women were so beautiful they needed military escorts to avoid being raped.

Berlusconi made the comments in response to questions about his proposal to deploy 300,000 soldiers in the streets to fight crime. A series of violent attacks, including a rape in Rome on New Year's Eve and another outside the capital this week, have put pressure on the government to crack down on crime.

But Berlusconi said that, even in a militarized state, crimes like rape can happen. 'You can't consider deploying a force that would be sufficient to prevent the risk,' the ANSA and Apcom news agencies quoted him as saying. 'We would have to have so many soldiers because our women are so beautiful.'