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DAM: Palestinian Political Hip Hop from Israel

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By Chalan Moon

DAM (Arabic: دام‎; Hebrew: דם‎) is the first Palestinian hip hop group. Based out of Israel, their music is highly political, voicing their opinions on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict and the oppression of the Palestinian people. The name is both an Arabic verb meaning "to be eternal" and Hebrew for "blood." The name is also an acronym for Da Arabian MCs.

They have gone on 4 tours of Europe and their first single was downloaded from their website over one million times.

It is important to understand both sides of all conflicts in order to see the best solution. To the Palestinian people, the catastrophic tragedies that have occurred over the years is a case of terrorism and not the other way around - for the Israelis, the same logic applies.

In times like these with villains and victims on both sides, distinguishing them takes surgically trained scrutiny. Perhaps hastily choosing a side can wait.

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