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What the Gupta Are They Thinking?

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By David Glenn Cox

What kind of Gupta is this? We all make mistakes; it is after all, normal to make mistakes. The Obama administration made a mistake in picking mega church mega buck mega bigot church leader Rick Warren to speak at the inaugural ceremonies.

Warren will make his remarks and then fade away back in to the world of dollar signs on crucifixes and feeling good about ourselves by casting stones at others. Safe in the knowledge that Jesus will never reach him to throw down his tables or to throw his punk ass out of the temple. Warren is a symbol of all that is wrong with religion today. Mother Theresa went into war torn Beirut to rescue handicapped children and Warren goes on the Today show to hawk his book.

But the news that the Obama administration is seriously considering Dr. Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General gives one pause. At first glance it makes you say, ok, you got me, who’s he really going to pick? This isn’t a mistake; this is a fuck up. A magnitude five first class fuck up. An administration that ran for office on a promise of health care reform and then picks to lead its effort a corporate stooge, a shill who blows in the wind repeating what ever message his corporate masters whisper in to his ear.

A shill hostile to single payer insurance, why not pick C. Everett Coop he’s not doing much except for “Life Alert” commercials and apparently this administration has fallen and can’t get up and bumped its head on the way down. Let’s forget that Gupta is a corporate stooge lacking all credibility except as a cable network huckster. He has no administrative experience what so ever; he makes Brownie look like a wise choice.

The Bush Administration appointed John Bolton as its UN ambassador despite Bolton’s life long hostility to the UN. The plan was simple; Bolton was to act as an obstructionist to thwart any move by the UN that might appear hostile to American interests. So how then do you explain a Gupta? Was the guy at Fox news too busy?

If it were just Gupta’s lack of credibility it might be explained away but he is so grossly unqualified. Literally thousands of doctors managing small to medium size hospitals all across America are imminently better qualified than Gupta. It makes about as much sense as naming Clint Eastwood to the department of the interior because he used to make westerns.

The new President is a student of Abraham Lincoln and should well remember that Lincoln had to be smuggled into Washington because of the Constitutional crisis.

Franklin Roosevelt had to deal with back failures on his first day in office. Roosevelt understood that there was a crisis in confidence among the American people. A feeling that the government couldn’t, or had no interest in helping the man on the street. There will be no honeymoon, the times will not allow for it.

The American people today feel that their government has been bought and sold, that there is no help for them, showmanship over salesmanship. A show horse and not a plow horse in the bunch. Gupta is a symbol of all that is corrupt and rotten in both the media and in medicine as well and to add him to the government mix threatens to undermine the credibility of the administration as a whole. Not only should Gupta be dropped but who ever thought he was good choice should go as well.

As my Mother used to say you only have one chance at a first impression, and Gupta gives the impression that the promised “change” is nothing more than a slogan. The impression of a fraud and maybe its not suppose to be but it sure does smell like it. Added to the remarks made by House Democrats that the stimulus plan smacks of trickle down and you’ve got a credibility problem Mr. President.

For the last eight years the American people have been lied to misused and abused and now they are expecting better. Your credibility has been used up by your predecessor and their patience is wearing thin. How do they expect us to take this administration seriously with such choices? We laughed at Sarah Palin discussing her foreign policy credentials how is this any worse? How about Peewee Herman to lead abstinence education programs? Or Dick Cheney to lead anger management classes?

Gupta wasn’t even able to handle Michael Moore one on one so how will he handle house and Senate Republicans? Moore throttled Gupta, CNN and Wolf Blitzer until CNN put Gupta’s program on hiatus until the furor died down. This is your choice to lead Health care reform? Seriously? This is your guy? The Clinton administration chose Hilary Clinton as their point person for health care reform. As a fighter I would consider her a heavy weight while Gupta is a bantamweight and they carried Hillary from the ring on a stretcher. Gupta if laughingly approved won’t make one round.

The Republicans are probably laughing their butts off right now, here they were afraid that Obama might spoil their healthcare gravy train and Obama comes up with Gupta with cardboard sword and tin foil shield in hand. The symbolism is clear; Obama’s choices have all been moderates. Controversial only because they’ve never done anything, an administration full of side ways promotions and recycled ideas. This isn’t change but small change, spare change and change by neglect.

A fair assessment of our situation in America would find that the good news is, That there is no good news and the bad news is, too horrible to contemplate. A faltering national economy in a stumbling world economy and you picked Gupta? (See the good news)

We are as a nation upon a precipice, dark clouds hover over our nation life. We need, we demand strong action. People of courage and fortitude and of ideas, ideas of their own, new ideas to revive our nation. When Churchill assumed the office of Prime Minister in 1940 he said, "I was conscious of a profound sense of relief....I felt as if I were walking with destiny and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial."He felt a confidence to do what ever it took to succeed with out a timid resolve and told the House of Commons, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."

While we are offered Gupta!