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Roscoe G. Bartlett Votes Against Maryland Again With SCHIP

Yet again, Maryland's sole Republican in congress has voted against SCHIP. Luckily he was in the extreme minority as the bill passed overwhelmingly. The people of Maryland have got to keep asking: why does Roscoe G. Bartlett keep voting against us? As Frank Kratovil's win showed in this past election, when the people speak up against extremism there will be consequences to pay.

All we get from Roscoe Bartlett are mealy-mouthed statements about him working "for children" in Maryland. But Bartlett voted against the bill that will likely be signed by President Obama into law.

But then as we saw a couple years ago, Rep. Bartlett is far more concerned with keeping Playboys away from servicemen. I call Bartlett "the scourge of Maryland" for a reason.

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