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Too Late: Bush admits to mistakes

by Ari Rutenberg

This morning W. held his last presser (yes!!!) in which he gave a laundry list of regrets. From Iraq to Katrina he admitted to things he perceives to have been mistakes. Unfortunately almost all of them were of the political kind. He doesn't regret the poor response to Katrina or putting the brilliant Brownie in charge of FEMA, but he does regret not landing the plane as he flew over. He doesn't regret sending 4,000 + people to their deaths for no reason, but he does regret that there were no WMD's. Bush does regret some of his more bellicose rhetoric, though he never regrets the action or policy, only the way it was perceived and what he contributed to that perception.

Even in admitting mistakes, he still seems terminally out of touch with reality. In short, though Bush has learned to acknowledge a few mistakes, he still does not see the fundamental problem with the way he governs. Bush's problem is that he is puts appearance before substance, every time, and as such makes the same mistake even in admitting sin. The soon-to-be Ex-President's departure will be welcome.

ALSO: Just to keep up his out-of-touch asshole credentials, Bush last week publicly embarrased and shamed Seceretary of State Rice when he ordered her to vote against a resolution calling for an end to the violence in Gaza at the request of Israeli PM Olmert What was so embarassing was that Rice had drafted and sponsored the resolution. And then was called out, in public, by Olmert for the attempt at diplomacy. Ow.