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Ready, Aim, Democrats!

The Democratic party just won a historic election, taking control of the White House and increasing its margins in the House and Senate - so of course its time for the Dems to do what they do when they get in power: Tear down the leader of the party and leave him open to Republican attack.

Today's edition of the stupidest game in politics involves some congressional bellyaching about the plan to save the economy, poorly written opposition to a possible appointee, and of course anonymously sourced news stories about supposed discord between the President-elect and the outgoing chairman that's treated as gospel.

And Obama's not even president yet! This bodes well as usual. While the Republican party runs around squawking about Twitter in search of a clue, the Dems are already on schedule to kneecap their president.

If Obama was a less capable person I would be even more concerned. Jesus.