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NASA On Moving Mars Rocks

Apparently there are some odd rock formations on Mars, and NASA is explaining them.

Here's what they think happens: Wind removes loose sand in front of the rocks, creating pits there and depositing that sand behind the rocks, creating mounds. The rocks then roll forward into the pits, moving into the wind. As long as the wind continues to blow, the process is repeated and the rocks move forward.

The rocks protect the tiny sand mounds from wind erosion. Those piles of sand, in turn, keep the rocks from being pushed downwind and from bunching up with one another.

'You get this happening five, 10, 20 times then you start to really move these things around,' Pelletier said. 'They can move many times their diameter.'

Does anyone buy this? Wind? This is just the latest coverup for NASA about Mars. Clearly, the Martian overlords are preparing a base for their invasion force.