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Banter on The Banter - Israel's Invasion of Gaza

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By Ben Cohen

A reader writes:

It's January 2009 and according to Bush's original 'roadmap', we should

already have a peace plan in the Middle East. Clearly, this will not

happen. As a very concerned Israeli-American, I truly hope Obama's

approach won't be more of the same complacency. The Bush-Rice approach

should actually be called the roadmap for violence. We cannot afford

another president who will rationalize heavy-handed invasions,

extrajudicial killings, disregard for civilian suffering, and hawkish

pandering for votes. Israel is botching its own prospects for peace and

prosperity; its painful to watch. But I think with true pressure from

the US, the invasions and blockades can stop. Of course Palestinian

leadership must take responsibility, but it will become increasingly

difficult for them to do so in a desperate environment conducive to

radical militarism.

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