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Banter on The Banter - Israel's Invasion of Gaza

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By Ben Cohen

A debate on the Banter Boards between myself and a reader. I asked whether the assault was warranted, and a reader wrote:

Are you kidding me? 700,000 Israelis are currently in range of the

rockets. Anything less than a full-on military campaign would be

irresponsible. Yes, there's going to be destruction and lives lost in

irradicating Hamas, but the earlier Israel bites the bullet and does

it, the better it is going to be for people on every side of the issue.

I support a strong, swift, decisive military manuever on Israel's
part. You cannot use diplomacy with terrorists. I just hope that Israel
does not worry about what the world thinks and truly stands up for
itself. All the pussyfooting around has just emboldened the terrorists.
Finish this sh*t now, and become a great country. There is no time like
the present.

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