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Israel Continues To Pound Gaza

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By Ben Cohen

It looks like Israel is continuing to defy international outrage (again), and continue to assault Hamas in Gaza. The bombings have killed 34 children, and over 400 people in total. A prominent Hamas leader was killed along with four of his children.

Israel is also preparing for a ground assault in the Gaza strip, which will no doubt lead to more civilian deaths and massive infrastructure damage. What will be left of the desperately impoverished land? Not much, but there will be a series of consequences that will exacerbate the fragile region for years to come. The U.S and U.K are doing their best to block peace negotiations, objecting to U.N draft resolutions calling for a cessation of violence as 'it contained nothing about Palestinian attacks on Israel'.

As the tragedy continues to evolve, the so called crusaders for peace and democracy sit idly by while a people are brutalized without any hope for the future. What a sad start to 2009.