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The Ultimate (This Week) In Conservative Straw-mannery

This post and picture from the anti-labor folks at the "Center for Union Facts" (a front group for pro-corporation lobbyist Rick Berman) is hyping the fact that the labor contract between the UAW and Ford is big. This is supposed to be a big deal. For conservatives, this is a central tenet of their failed ideology: mythmaking about small and efficient things, even when it isn't practical in the real world. I suppose these lobbyists think that the labor contract should be printed on a single piece of paper.

The Workers Will Do Whatever We Tell Them To.


Of course in reality the UAW is a 464,000 member strong organization dealing with, in this case, Ford - the 7th largest company in the United States.

Any contract dealing with that many people, revenue, etc. is going to be large. Comparing the contract size to a Coke can is the epitome of conservative stupidity and its the kind of simplistic thinking passing for brilliant analysis that has America now sliding off the edge.

Sweet Jesus, I'm far from a kneejerk supporter of labor unions. I often think many of them have outlived their usefulness, do a poor job of communicating what they do and how they want to do it, but the hackery directed towards them from the right is just lame.

(And lest we forget, when we leave corporations to police themselves and have a union-free system we got lovely things like children working adult jobs)