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People On TV Are Stupid

There have been a few videos like this floating around, showing people who saw the subprime tsunami being laughed at by tv's pundit class - especially the business people associated with Fox - but it isn't just financial punditry. They're just getting pwned because we can quantify their failure. There is no question that we are in a recession now, and a significant one at that, but I would argue that political punditry is in an even worse state than financial.

You've got entire armies of people who make unambiguous predictions that they're never called on. And while we here in the blogosphere make those kinds of statements as well, our readers are usually smart enough to do a Google and call you out on it (In 2002, for instance, I said that the Bush administration was not nearly stupid enough to go to war in Iraq and that the use of force resolution was a political tool to whack Democrats with but not an actual threat - boy was I wrong).

Political punditry, a sloppy science that has now beaten actual reporting and analysis in sheer volume of noise, deserves to be put down, especially in its televised incarnation. Not just because its dumb but because its usually wrong. If you had followed Dick Morris instead of Nate Silver's analysis this past election you would have a bad taste in your mouth.