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Obama's Cabinet: What Does It MEAN?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But don't tell that to the media and the pundit class who is now trying to figure out just what message President-Elect Obama is sending with his cabinet choices so far. Some would say that this is just a way to fill up air time between now and Christmas and then between Christmas and the inauguration but I'm not that cynical.

At various intervals the choice is supposed to be a rebuke to his left flank, a concession to the right, or a middling sort of centrism. He's got too many Clinton appointments! Too many conservative leaning folks! Not enough lefties! Etc.

It is quite possible that Barack Obama is picking the people he thinks are best prepared to do the job he tasks them with. Perhaps choosing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is not a Machiavellian plot to neuter a rival but instead he's choosing one of the most well known and respected pols in the world to execute his vision of America's role in the world.

No, too crazy.

UPDATE: Obama's picking them for their mad hoop skills. Can HRC handle the rock?