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Kirsten Powers, Tool

Before I even clicked through to this story about how Obama's team is supposedly bungling the Blago issue (in this case bungle means being upfront and working with the investigators, I guess) I noticed it was a NY Post story and I said to myself "I bet it's another dumb story from Kirsten Powers."

And I was right.

Powers is the epitomy of a Fox News Democrat - a low level Clinton official who never did any strategizing or anything, who appointed herself a spokesperson for the Democratic party and does so by making poor arguments from the left and reliably bashing Democrats. That's all Powers does, that's her shtick.

And hidden underneath it all is an inferiority complex the size of Texas. Powers knows that she's an inch deep and is highly sensitive to charges that she's a fembot in the tradition of Fox's other well-paid spinners. She's on the channel to provide eye candy and reliably dump on Democrats with a smile. She's symptomatic of the loser spirit of the 2000-2006 Democratic party, the one who believes that to win Democrats should just be Republicans.

She offers nothing new or insightful, which is why Rupert Murdoch's business empire throws her up on TV and publishes her column in his newspaper.