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John Bolton Wants to Invade Iran

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By Ben Cohen

John Bolton has been one of the most useless, counterproductive politician to come out of the Bush Administration (closely following supreme incompetents like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz). Working as United States Ambassador to the United Nations back in 2005, Bolton was famous for not actually believing in the United Nations and doing his best to undermine anything that used negotiation as a means to conflict resolution. A prominent neo con and war monger, Bolton has been banging the drums for a war with Iran, a position so extreme even the Bush Administration has given up on it. In a recent interview on Hannity and Colmes, Bolton stated his desire to use military force against Iran for its supposed attempts to build nuclear weapons, despite the fact that Iran isn't trying to develop nuclear weapons (as verified by the CIA), a multi-trillion dollar deficit, an imploding economy, and being involved with two other wars.

"I would use military force against Iran's nuclear program," said Bolton, "Because I think the world gets a lot more dangerous once Iran gets nuclear weapons."

Thankfully, Bolton isn't actually doing anything important these days other than appear on Fox News, so doesn't hold any real sway. But his ability to encourage stupidity should not be underestimated, and he should be carefully scrutinized whenever he opens his mouth. Watch below:

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