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Fox News Contributor Destroys Career Live on Hannity and Colmes

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By Ben Cohen

This has got to be one of the funniest examples of Right wing idiocy I've ever seen. In the mold of other shrill but brainless Fox News presenters (think Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter), Andrea Tantaros delivers an unbelievably nonsensical diatribe on the Democratic Party, Rev. Wright, John McCain, and the automobile industry. Frothing at the mouth, Tantaros goes off on a bizzare rant about John McCain not using Rev. Jeremiah Wright to win the election, saying he was 'fair game', but that,"The problem was, that when the stock market was crashing, people didn't care about Rev. Wright." Tantaros then says that McCain should have talked more about the economy 'rather than Paris Hilton', and finshes up by accusing Colmes of being 'speechless' when he failed to respond to her points!

In the next segment, Tantaros applies her considerable intellect to the financial crisis, lecturing Colmes on putting a 'band aid on cancer' in reference to the automobile industry, and says 'Democrats don't trust Americans what to do with their own money' (I wonder what she thought about the unaccountable $2 Trillion the Federal Reseverve is handing out to financial companies?).

The entire segment is rather surreal as Tantaros desperately tries to emulate the viciousness of her co-workers at Fox, caked in makeup to appeal to fat middle aged Republicans, and eager to show an intellect that just isn't there. The end result is complete humiliation, as no one on the show (including Hannity) has a clue what she is talking about.  If Fox has any shred of self respect (and chances are they don't), they will fire Tantaros for sheer idiocy. I'm hoping she stays on, as this video really made me laugh.