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Bill O'Reilly Continues War On Non Existent War on Christmas

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By Ben Cohen

O'Reilly's shameless war on secular America is part of a pattern of right wing distraction - creating controversy out of nothing while playing on people's fears and prejudice. O'Reilly does a yearly segment called 'The War on Christmas' where he takes obscure examples of secularists attacking religion and portrays it as the 'beginning of the end' for Christians. It's the same nonsense anti immigration zealots use to create fear of foreigners, telling whites that they are being discriminated against and warning them that they are losing their identity. It's ludicrous, unfounded, and divisive. Yet it drives ratings which is why O'Reilly does it so relentlessly.

Here he is again, railing against secularists in Washington State with fellow Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson: