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RICO For Catholic Abuse

Way back when I was writing about Cardinal Law and the coverup by the archdiocese in Boston, I was in favor of using RICO to go after the church for their systematic hiding of pedophiles.

Connecticut's Catholic Church is charged with racketeering in a suit that claims church officials covered up alleged sex abuse by priests, documents say.

The suit, brought by a New London, Conn., attorney, cites the leadership of the Norwich, Conn., Diocese with violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act -- more commonly known as RICO -- for allegedly conspiring to keep reported child sex abuse by priests quiet, The Hartford Courant reported Wednesday.

The suit names former Bishop Daniel Reilly and its current vicar general, the Rev. Thomas McBride, as culpable under RICO for alleged child sex abuse committed by the late the Rev. Thomas Shea, who was accused of sexually abusing at least 16 girls in the 11 parishes within the Norwich Diocese.