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Up front: The Redskins season was a mess. I had low expectations going in, then high expectations when they were 6-2, only to see them lose game after game for no good reason culminating in the embarrassing loss to the Bengals to effectively get knocked out of the playoffs. And Sunday's loss to the 49ers was a cherry topping on a lost season sundae.

But still.

The Dallas Cowboys got beaten 44-6.

FORTY-FOUR TO SIX (to a team the disappointing Redskins beat just last week 10-3). I would not be doing my duty as a life-long Washington Redskins fan if I didn't point to the Cowboys and say two words:


Our season sucked, but eff Dallas anyway.

ALSO: I should note that if I were a Lions fan I'd probably be considering which skyscraper to jump from today.