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Israel prepares to reoccupy Gaza

by Ari Rutenberg

Well, it seems Israel's sensible period lasted for about 10 seconds. After allowing the smallest amount of aid into Gaza, Israel decided to bomb the hell out of the Palestinians. Now it seems they are preparing to invade and occupy Gaza once again. I really hope this is just posturing, but somehow I doubt it. Unfortunately re-invading Gaza is probably the worst possible thing the Israeli's can do if they actually want the violence to end.

From HuffPost:

"GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel widened its deadliest-ever air
offensive against Gaza's Hamas rulers Sunday, pounding smuggling
tunnels and a central prison, sending more tanks and artillery toward
the Gaza border and approving a reserves callup for a possible ground

Israeli leaders said they would press ahead with the Gaza campaign,
despite enraged protests across the Arab world and Syria's decision to
break off indirect peace talks with the Jewish state. Israel's foreign
minister said the goal was to halt Gaza rocket fire on Israel for good,
but not to reoccupy the territory.

With the two-day
death toll climbing above 290 Sunday, crowds of Gazans breached the
border wall with Egypt to escape the chaos. Egyptian forces, some
firing in the air, tried to push them back into Gaza and an official
said one border guard was killed.

Hamas, in turn, fired missiles deeper than ever into Israel, near
the Israeli port city of Ashdod, and continues to command some 20,000

Yet Hamas leaders were forced into hiding, most of the dead were
from the Hamas security forces, and Israel's military intelligence
chief said Hamas' ability to fire rockets had been reduced by 50
percent. Indeed, Hamas rockets fire dropped off sharply, from more than
130 on Saturday to just over 20 on Sunday.

Israel's intense bombings _ some 300 air strikes since midday
Saturday _ wreaked unprecedented destruction in Gaza, reducing entire
buildings to rubble.

Shlomo Brom, a former senior Israeli military official, said it was
the deadliest force ever used in decades of Israeli-Palestinian
fighting. "Since Hamas took over Gaza (in June 2007), it has become a
war between two states, and in war between states, more force is used,"
he said.

European leaders called on both Israel and Hamas to end the bloodshed."

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