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Dick Cheney, Master of Denial

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By Ben Cohen

The ability of Dick Cheney to convince himself he has done nothing wrong during his 8 years of disastrous tenure is nothing short of amazing. From Slate:

In an ever-escalating game of chicken between the executive branch and

the rest of the world, Vice President Dick Cheney wants you to

understand that he has done nothing wrong over the past eight years. In

fact, to hear him tell it to Chris Wallace on

Fox News Sunday yesterday


we are all safer for his infallibility in the face of our own

complacency. His liberal critics, for their part, answer Cheney's moral

certainty by continuing to vigorously debate all the reasons to let him

off the hook. What other possible response can there be to all that

bristling manliness? History will remember Dick Cheney as the man who

managed to make President George W. Bush

look like a wimp