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Well At Least They Suck Too

My football season is now reduced to pointing out that the Dallas Cowboys are just as sucky as the Redskins. Oh well, its something.

All the hoopla surrounding the farewell to Texas Stadium was supposed to fire up the Dallas Cowboys. Well, it got to the Baltimore Ravens, too.

Feeling like they were a hand-picked foe set up for failure, the Ravens refused to play the stooge.

Matt Stover, who sold programs outside the stadium as a kid growing up in the area, kicked four field goals to wipe out an early deficit, then Willis McGahee and Le'Ron McClain ripped off long, record runs each time the Cowboys got close in the final minutes, sending Baltimore to a 33-24 victory on Saturday night and a step closer to the playoffs.

'It wasn't a homecoming game. It was more like a mock funeral,' McGahee said. 'We spoiled their day. It was probably the best concert ever in Irving, Texas.'