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I Want A Space Shuttle For Christmas

Is that too much to ask?

NASA's soon-to-be-retired space shuttles are up for grabs.

The space agency said Wednesday it's looking for ideas on where and how best to display its space shuttles once they stop flying in a few years. It's put out a call to schools, science museums and 'other appropriate organizations' that might be interested in showcasing one of the three remaining shuttles.

Beware: NASA estimates it will cost about $42 million to get each shuttle ready and get it where it needs to go, and the final tab could end up much more.

The estimate includes $6 million to ferry the spaceship atop a modified jumbo jet to the closest major airport. But the price could skyrocket depending on how far the display site is from the airport. Only indoor, climate-controlled displays will be considered.

'The orbiters will not be disassembled for transportation or storage,' NASA insists in its nine-page request for information.

Imagine the cachet of owning your own space shuttle. "Yeah, ladies, a Ferrari is fine for most guys, but do you know a lot of other guys who have a vehicle that's been in SPACE? With a ROBOT ARM? Well..."