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12.16.08 Links

>> Mommas, DO Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Cowgirls (nsfwish)

>> ESPN Strives to Eject Clutter From Its Site
Yes, but will that video in the right hand corner of some stupid thing from Sportscenter that I don't care about auto-play? Cause that sucks.

>> Wacky romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds!
All it needs is a needle scratch. I wonder if they fall in love at the end. I WONDER.

>> A new script for "The Phantom" is making the rounds
I must be one of the few who liked the Billy Zane version but Treat Williams is a great villain in it

>> More friendly fire for Fox in the War On Christmas

>> Child Writes to Santa, Asks For Molestation to End
Sometimes the people on this planet suck

>> Obama's inaugural train to start in Philly

>> Pirates Outmaneuver Warships Off Somalia
This is 2008. Not 1698.

>> A question you can't ask on Mahalo Answers

>> As I noted before, I don't like beer. But I could learn to. (nsfw)

>> We now have a working definition for "a buttload of dolphins"