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12.14.08 Links

>> Gnarls Barkley video "Going On" shot in Jamaica

>> Fantasy Flight at Dulles Delivers Holiday Magic

>> The upside of the sports MSM's obsession with the Dallas Cowboys (even when their record is putrid) is that their locker room dramas become national news

>> Rihanna was transported from 1984 to knock us out
Rihanna was not even alive in 1984. Christ I'm old.

>> Many people insist that 'the first black president' is actually not black
People can "insist" WTF they want. Barack Obama is black.

>> Report Spotlights Iraq Rebuilding Blunders
The legacy of George W. Bush - measured in body bags, lies, waste and hate. I hope he enjoys retirement in his multimillion dollar mansion.

>> Obama logo ideas that weren’t chosen
Glad they didn't go with the exclamation point