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Private Health Care is Like Organized Crime

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By Ben Cohen

A reader writes in to my post on Tom Daschle and his health care plans:

I have

the FEHBP plan, and frankly, we're in worse straits than everyone else

now because of insurance leverage in and corruption of that system.

Private insurance these days has more in common with organized crime

than healthy private business. Simply making more rules that they will

find ways around will not solve the problem. The financial crisis is an

opportunity to rid our system of this crushing racket. We can always

improve on a single payer system as we go, but we can't improve on the

current system so long as insurance companies call the shots. (And if

you don't believe that, spend an afternoon in a law library and look at

the overwhelming amount of resources private insurance sucks out of our

LEGAL system in order to litigate rules to their advantage -- a cost

never counted in that $450 billion annual administrative expense from

private insurance.)