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Colin Powell Trashes Sarah Palin

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By Ben Cohen

An aggrieved Colin Powell laid out why he has become disillusioned with the Republican party, and in particular, the Sarah Palin brand. Here's what Powell told Fareed Zakaria on CNN:

I think she had something of a polarizing effect when she
talked about how small town values are good. Well, most of us don’t
live in small towns. And I was raised in the South Bronx, and there’s
nothing wrong with my value system from the South Bronx.

For Powell, the brand of vicious, divisive, and violent conservatism is ruining the party, and feels it must change if it wants to survive. Damningly, he said:

I think the party has to stop shouting at the world, at the country. The party has to take a hard look at itself.

Watch the interview with Powell below: